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Ramzonics SMART TEST METER MK2 Salt & Conductivity Meter


• Displays Dissolved Salt (temperature compensated) in ppm

• Displays Resistivity in Ω/cm Compensated to 25°C

• Displays Resistivity in Ω/cm at Solution Temperature

• Displays Conductivity in µS/cm Compensated to 25°C

• Displays Total Dissolved Solids ppm TDS

• Displays Water Temperature in °C

• Stopwatch, Lap Timer (new in Mk2)(disables auto off function)

• Auto Range

• Auto Off (user adjustable, New in Mk2)

• Probe connected with 1m cable

• Compared to the original Ramzonics salt meter the Mk 2 is:

     o 5 times faster reading,

     o Double the accuracy and

     o 2.5 times more range that the original meter.Can measure 2ppm to 80,000ppm (Dead Sea)

     o Suitable for educational use.

• “Oops” factory restore function.

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1106 Ramzonics TDS Meter Brochure

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